A desert called Foce

Sibillini Mountains, Marche

Desert in Latin has a double meaning: abandoned and neglected by people or left uncultivated. Foce di Montemonaco, a small village in the Appennine Mountains, in the heart of Italy, was severely ruined by the 2016 Central Italy Earthquake. 

Nowadays only 5 people are still living in Foce and on the last summer  no tourists came. Three young Romanian guys use to work in Foce as seasonal lumberjacks.

The state of abandon of this place in the middle of nothing reflects the landscape f chopped woods cut by these three workers, who themselves had to leave their home  to find a job that no Italians are willing to do.

The lumber industry still survives, despite the drop of productivity due to the earthquake.

Foce can be reached through a single road that enters a very narrow gorge and stops right in front of the slopes of Monte Sibilla and Monte Vettore. From there you can continue only on foot.


You can reach Piana della Gardosa in 15 minutes walking. Before the earthquake, many tourists use to camp here.
aislab 2020— Milan, Italy