Every Man is an Island

Ikaria, Greece

This series was shot throughout the summer of 2016 in Ikaria, a Greek island proudly linked to Dionysus and Icarus myths. Here asylum seekers seldom arrive, as they try to reach the islands of Samos and Chios, nearer to the Turkish coast. When migrants arrive to Ikaria, it means that they have lost their route and rarely they are still alive. Therefore the Ikarians seem to ignore them, despite the many shipwrecks and migrant deaths in the Ikarian Sea. Their faces are only the fragments of newspaper pages that change daily, but they remain unconsciously the same. So migrants turn into shadow and their deaths are deleted everyday. The purpose of the project is to bring at least their image to the shores of an island that apparently forgets them. -Irene Fassini

aislab 2020— Milan, Italy