An old farmhouse in the Municipality of Catania, transformed into a laboratory for recovery and transformation. It is FIERi - Fabbrica Interculturale Ecosostenibile del Riuso.

FIERi is a space in which citizens can dispose of objects that they no longer use, knowing that they will take on new life there.

It is a project born from a tender that has put on the network different realities and has created a cooperative formed by four people who attended the sewing and carpentry workshops from objects of recovery. L., unaccompanied minor of Gambia and M., unaccompanied minor of the Ivory Coast. Both in Catania for ten months, they are in charge of tailoring coordinated by Fatna, 42 year old from Morocco who has been living in Catania for ten years with her husband and four children. Seku takes care of the carpentry studio: he is 22 years old and comes from a village near Banjul in Gambia.

It is a work opportunity both for migrants and for young people from Catania; FIERi is open to everyone. The cultural heritage of other countries is combined with Italian artisan knowledge.

FIERi is still in the making: soon it will be a cooperative. The project aims to respond to the problems of social exclusion, occupation of spaces and waste management in the city by creating integration, work and respect for the environment.

aislab 2020— Milan, Italy