Where the Earth Quakes

Sibillini Mountains, March, on going

Among the communities of the central Apennine mountains, the ancient legend of the Sibyl is told.
A woman, good fairy, seer and enchantress, who lived in a cave on the top of the mountain that today is named after her: Mount Sibilla.
According to the local tradition, the Sybil provoked an intense earthquake in the town of Pretare.
The fairies, her maids, remained to dance in the village all night, beyond the time allowed for the return to the cave. The priestess was a reference for the inhabitants of the mountains and for anybody who went up to the cave to meet her.
Since 69 AD many people are reported to have ascended to meet the priestess who predicts the future.
In this land pagan and religious cults have intertwined. Today the cave is inaccessible, since 1960 the access tunnel has completely collapsed. The story ends and the legend begins.


Top of mount Sibilla, beginning of the path that leads to the cave.

aislab 2020— Milan, Italy