Milan, Italy


According to a Coldiretti survey, in 2016 fruit and vegetable became the main item in the Italian food budget, with an average annual increase of 1,5 kilos of fruit and vegetable per person. This is an epoch-making change, due to the greater food awareness and the spread of healthy lifestyles. Nevertheless, it did not go hand in hand with waste awareness. 

In the European Union, about 88 million tons of food per year are thrown away and about fifty percent of the food goes to waste by families, supermarkets and restaurants. A fruit out of four is thrown out throughout the food production chain from the field to the table, while more than 16 million people turn to humanitarian associations to eat. The so-called Gadda law, in force since September 2016 in Italy, aims to reduce waste for each of the stages of production, processing, distribution and delivery of foodstuffs, fostering its recovery.

The project aims to explore the relationship between people and food through the household's choices about consumption and food waste which mirror who we are, our culture and our habits. - Irene Fassini

aislab 2020— Milan, Italy